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 Crafting lvl 45 expert blue Greatsword

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PostSubject: Crafting lvl 45 expert blue Greatsword   Mon May 24, 2010 4:46 pm

So I still trying to get a greatsword which gives attackspeed. I think about giving up on the coin farming and sell the coins to get a lvl 45 greatsword instead.GS

The current prices on the broker are about 7mil. But why not buy the mats for it ?

Buying all the mats should cost about 3.85 mil by my calculations (which don't include the ingots n stuff). Lets say those cost 800k extra, this is considerably cheaper than buying and get a chance for a gold one too.

So now I only need someone who is willing to put in the crafting effort of making the greatsword (from scratch, since I cannot craft) Very Happy

Any volunteers that are willing to put in some afk crafting? please let me know.

If you can only craft a worthy noble orichalcum greatsword thats fine too. Someone else can fix the rest
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Crafting lvl 45 expert blue Greatsword
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